In-house 3D printers are true game-changers. With convenience, cost-effectiveness and increased efficiency, having your own 3D printer can boost business and your bottom line.

Unfortunately, these same printers are prone to multiple issues that can bring production to a dead stop.

What’s Your Backup Plan?

Printers will break down, so it’s wise to have a back-up plan.

Professional support services, like those of industry leader Nexxt Labs, supply dependable back-up production and peace of mind. Nexxt Lab is unique in its:

·      Expertise – all aspects

·      Ease – simply send your file*

·      Large production capacity

·      Top speed/turnaround time

·      Quality control – all phases in house*

·      Confidentiality – lock-and-key production standards

Support Services Options

Nexxt Labs allows for flexibility, offering on-demand support or contracted services. Contracted partners receive priority service and a partner discount.